I assure you, even if you have already been to Cyprus, you will certainly be able to discover something new, impressive and amazing, visiting this wonderful island again. One simply can’t help but fall in love with this island: clear sea and gentle sun, mountain landscapes and ruins of ancient temples, alluring beaches and breathtaking mountain trails surrounded by luxurious hotels – the contrast of the island will blow any tourist away.

Cyprus is located at the crossroads of the sea routes of three continents, where East meets West, and ancient monuments keep echoes of bygone times. History buffs can visit famous museums, Roman monuments, temples and ruins of ancient cities. Many programs have been developed for outdoor enthusiasts: sea travel, mountaineering, diving and snorkeling, windsurfing and yachting. Spectacular hiking trails run along the slopes of the ridges of the Troodos mountain range. If you prefer to travel by transport, off-road jeep safari will allow to explore the best reserved places in Cyprus.

Come to Cyprus to enjoy the beauty of the island once again.

MOUNTAIN TROODOS is an alternative of active holidays in Cyprus

The Troodos is the largest mountain range in Cyprus, located roughly in the center of the island. In summer, mountains asescape vacationers from the heat, and in winter they attract skiers. The highest peak of the Troodos is Mount Olympus, its height reaches 1952 meters. Mount Olympus has 4 ski slopes, located among picturesque mountain villages. The local slopes are well known to travelers and have long become a favorite place for outdoor enthusiasts. The ski season lasts from January to March.

For fans of cycling, special routes have been designed along the mountain range. They are suitable both for beginners who prefer calm trails and for those who like steep slopes and dangerous climbs.

The Troodos is also famous for its cuisine, the village of Zygi, known throughout Troodos for its fish taverns, is located there. They serve a variety of dishes of sea fish, octopus, squid, shrimps, scallops, mussels, cuttlefish.


Cyprus is one of the most popular Mediterranean resorts. The weather is mostly clear and sunny on the island, and the swimming season lasts from May until late autumn. Therefore, this resort is so attractive for tourists in any season.

Cypriot hospitality is legendary. Be sure - you will be welcomed in the warmest way, since the attention of all personnel will be directed to making you feel at home there. A basket of fresh fruit and a bottle of wine, presented to you upon arrival, will be the first small step on a long journey of a wonderful holiday on this fabulous island.

Holidays in Cyprus are excellent value for money. Every tourist can satisfy their preferences by choosing the best offer at a reasonable price and convenience of accommodation.

If you are up to lounge around in the luxury of a five-star hotel, relaxing in a wellness center or spa, enjoying the amenities of the beach and the clear sea, or if you prefer a villa with a private pool for a relaxing holiday, or if you are looking for a quiet retreat in the hills for a family vacation in nature, then you will certainly find something that will satisfy all your desires.

Cyprus is a "blessed land", serene and sacred with its irresistible charm, it is a paradise full of natural beauty, centuries of history and culture.

The rich historical and cultural heritage of Cyprus is a set of architectural monuments from the ancient era, buildings of the European Middle Ages and monuments of oriental culture. One can trace the history of progress of Christianity, since its inception to the present day. There are many temples on the island, belonging to different historical periods and religious denominations. This wealth is of great cultural value for the whole world.

Cyprus rightly bears the name of the island of beauty, where, according to Greek myth, the goddess Aphrodite was born. Petra tou Romiou (or Aphrodite's Rock) is one of the most beautiful places on the entire island and probably one of the most famous in the world.

So why Cyprus is annually chosen as a holiday destination by tourists from all over the world?

Because Cyprus is a safe and comfortable holiday, the purest warm sea, excellent service, mild climate and excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Everyone can choose leisure to their liking, because the island is suitable both for a hasteless family vacation and for outdoor activities in a large company.